Saturday, May 3, 2014


Hi peeps!!!!!!!!

it has been super duper long since I last updated here...
dam lazy and busy with work and boyfie :3

this post gonna be quite long and draggy so bear with me please.. lol!! (>..<)//

In korea , I got to

1. See sakura for the first time in my whole entire life!
2. learn to make kimchi myself
3. enter into a hot sauna & spa
4.went to Everland ( Korea's theme park)
5. shopped @ Myendong awhile only -.- 
6. ate korea's bbq, ginseng chicken and bibibap for the first time too
7. entered Paris Baguette for the very first time even though SG has one too but I haven dined there before..
8. went to see the very scenic and romantic Nami island for myself!!!!!!!!!!!!
9. Went to korea's teddy bear museum which I wanted to go before hahhahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

other little details which I went to includes
1. Korea's sea aquarium
2. wax museum
3. temple
4. went to see their palace architectures
5. Korea's government residential place

when I first stepped down into Incheon airport to see this very huge electronic advertisement board featuring SNSD for their lotte world departmental store.. O.O!~

a random photo of a korea snack I bought at my hotel intended for my boyfie but my greedy big sister ate it up -.-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took many photos inside the bear museum but I am too lazy to upload every single of them >.<
so sorry!~

stepped into their SM town pop store for the first time too!!!!! (*~*)///

make some fresh floral cheese personally with my family too hhahaha~!!!


I really enjoyed myself there although I didn't get to see any kpop stars during my journey there!!

I also managed to get a new couple for boyfie and myself at name island itself too!! wahhaha!!

Next, I will be sharing about how boyfie and I spent our special one year anniversary..
honestly, from the beginning I didn't thought that we would both last this LONG!! wahahhaa!!!
blissful us!!!

of cos we exchanged our presents to begin with!!

he bought me a Pandora bracelets with charms and I bought him an Armani exchange watch and a mini Timberland sling bag too !!
heheheh!! <3333333333

I was like dam surprised when I saw this O_O!!!!!!!

His watch which I specially gotten for him !! :D

& bag! Because the old one I gotten him was nearly spoilt >.<

that day he specially surprised me by renting a car to fetch us to sentosa to enjoy our day @ the Sentosa's 3D adventure park which we planned. & a surprise pink bouquet <3333 and a poster displaying all the movie memories we made!!!!!!!!!!! So damm thoughtful can!???????????

we also went to sit in the tiger sky tower lol!~~

that night he drove me to Mt faber to dine @ jewel box

I am so glad to get together with him since 4/4/2013 at the lowest point of my lifetime
and he brought me so much happiness and joy since then!!

Without him all these are impossible!! >.<

Tmr we are going to celebrate our 13th monthsary. at some place interesting which I am so not gonna reveal now until we reach there! >.<
hopefully everything turns out nice !!!!!!!!wahhaa!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next post will be on my korea hauls !!
so please stay tune!! <333

so that is all for now!!
bye bye<333333333333

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