Monday, September 15, 2014

My 21st bday celebration!!

Hi peeps!!!

                   Happy bday to me !!

Today I will be blogging about my 21st bday celebration with boyfie!!!

Boyfie planned a lot of activities for the day O.O

He surprised me a with soft pillow with his photo printed on it!!

At first he bought me to a place at Vivo city called Modesto! A Euprorean fine dining

There is this wine like beverage which I ordered and liked a lot and it is called the "grapetizer"
I swear it is damm nice but a bit pricey for a normal drink and it is made of pure red grape juice!

After that we went off to sit the Superhero cable cars in sentosa!!

Hahahah we managed to get into different cables cars the superman, wonderwoman , Batman and lastly a floral theme one!!

              Flying with superman 󾌴
Training to be full fledge superhero

                 Boyfie prepared so much for my 21st today dAmm lucky to have him by my side !! I love your forever !!

he gotten tickets to the skylunge ride, lunge ride and Segway ride too!
it was really sunny that day!! >.< so he bought me a hat because I insisted one because I forgot to bring mine T.T!!¬¬ Love the hat!! hehehe¬

                    Love the hat boyfie bought me

Us taking the shuttle bus to various location in sentosa!!
Boyfie said we looked like some tourists for the day!!

                   sky lunge with boyfie for bday !!!

After all these activities, we still had a lot of time, which we went to watch a movie called the Maze runner the last min lol!

I was super scared of it! >.< and felt damm distressed about it! my head hurts !! >..< before and during it!! Boyfie too surprisingly too! But if you are a thrill lover this is a movie for you!!

After wards we rushed to swisshotel for dinner!!

the place is all Equiox!! it is damm high it is located on the 70th storey!!

the place there is super costly too!! $_$!!!!

the menu I don't know how to appreciate too >.<

even the drink !!...

At there boyfie gave me my major bday present a pair of swaroski swan earrings !!! Which he helped me to wear on the spot ...

I am lazy to upload the photo here!!

So that is all for now !!

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