Sunday, September 14, 2014

Another Kdrama sharing

Hi peeps I am constantly updating my blog with all my products review so today I am gonna share something new and different !!

And it is about a new Korean drama that I am obsessed over these few days!!!

And the Title of the kdrama is call "When a man falls in love"

Have you all watched this drama before?

I watched this because my personal bais actor and actress is acting inside this show!!! >.<


I especially like Sung joo inside this show!! & of cos the handsome lead too!!
I don't really the other main female lead.. I don't like her character in the show!!

Sung joo is such a nice, gorgeous and capable lady!!
Look at her beautiful wedding dress!! <3333


So that is all for now!!
Byebye!! <33
Super excited to celebrate my birthday tomorrow with boyfie, I wanna see what he has prepared for me all the surprises!! Wahahhahaha!!!

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