Friday, September 19, 2014

Random thoughts

Hi peeps!!
Today I just wanna post some of my random thoughts on my mind right now..

have been sick the past few days..
feeling miserable...

I am a person who is easily influenced by others..
so I thought that seeking improvements by having new products to try. to constantly improve my looks and so that I can feel better about myself..

constantly trying out new products...
and doing reviews..
But some products are really costly T.T and my main aim is not this ...

I always thought that by doing these I will feel better overall which I did for awhile :3

But when I bother to take a moment to appreciate what I actually have really also do makes me feel better, but this is something quite hard to do so because I am really pessimistic.

I hope I take this positive thought and note to myself more often :))

are you like me too?? lol...

I hope that I get better too ... these few days are really unbearable for me all alone... and medicine making me drowsy a lot of times and cant do and cant enjoy to eat what I fancy or do what I feel like doing... too.

the other day I went to meet my twin for dinner and we dined " ichiban boshii
I still remember their Hokkaido cheese cake so creamy and it melts in your mouth the moment you eat it... >.< so yummy!!!
was looking at it and finally decided to have it to pamper myself .. wahhahah!!



But just let's just think that hey although not every day is a good day , but not every day is a bad day right?? hehehe..
  So that is all for now!!


  1. Hello ~
    I'm just wondering... who sang love love love in your playlist?
    Have a great day~

  2. hi there !! it is by Hope feat Jason mraz!! <33