Saturday, November 1, 2014

3 years passed since i first started dating (Personal thoughts).

Hi there!
I have been penning down my personal thoughts in my blog space here for quite some time and
today I feel like blogging about it after so long..
The things on my mind , things that make me happy, sad and everything which I wished for...
the 1st thing on my mind is my family and boyfie of cos! && School >.<
They are my priority!
Most of the time I will think of boyfie how to make him happier each day how to get the things he like or want..
But there also times whereby I think of the sad past not wanting to repeat the same old mistakes again
I remembered myself crying alone and asking myself what have I done wrong to deserve all that bullshit and envying happy couple and gfs who have their bfs doting and pampering them with love and gifts and all those wonderful experiences and memories..
I don't recall having any pleasant memories in my past relationships all the way until I met my current bf which I most didn't expect to get together with ...
to be honest when I first saw his photo I am like wah <33
so cute and so my eyecandy type.
secretly I envied the girls around him and he took photos with..
and till he is mine surprisingly in the end. ...
Over our one year of relationship we did argued and i was sad and cried..
but he brought me more happy memories than sad ones most importantly..
because of him, i feel that my life is so much better and not so lonely and miserable..
he will meet me whenever he is free and in his off days...
not like my past relationships once or twice a week..
       he also never fail to send me home each night no matter how tired he is ... or even thought no matter he is hard on cash ...

MOST IMPORTANTLY HE DID NOT CHEAT ON ME and he did not find me irritating at all.
He don't cold war with me .. which i am so glad he didn't because i cant handle such nonsense either.

Sometimes and most of the time i tell myself there are something which i need to learn to let go and overcome..
and i also learnt that
opportunities does come and if the person fails to cherish it after being given chances then the person really is an idiot or totally not meant to have , leaving his/her life in regrets..

Now, every single day i will look forward to my dear's morning messages and texts all the time. Previously i always felt that girls who receive sweet texts from their bfs are really blessed and fortunate >.< and i envied them !!
And guys who bought their gfs gifts which their gfs wished for are love <33!!

and my current bf pampered me with all these things i never imagined i can have too!!
and he cleared most of wishlist as listed below!!
1. A whole day in Universal studios
2. Skin's lab vitamin cream
3. Missha signature oriental bb cream
4. lirikos
5. Pandora charm bracelet
6. innisfree white tone up toner
7. etude house baobap toner and others
8. café dates
9. candydoll products
10. IOPE bio essence set
and many others!!!!!!!!!!!
All these are just material wants most importantly he fufilled me my heart desires :))
Enough of all these babbling !!
Till the next time !! :)

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