Friday, November 21, 2014

Hera's White program review!!

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Hi peeps!!
I know I have not been updating this blog space for the longest time >.<
 because of my laziness
Yawns >~<

Today I have shopping meanwhile too hahah shopaholic me! Guilty >.<
and there are some problems with my image hosting website so I am using another host which explains those mini photos only sorry >.<

So I am gonna do another short review here!!

It's Hera's White program review now!!
I tried its radiant water, emulsion and mask sheet!!


So here is my verdict for it!!

I prefer the radiant water the best, it has a nice smell which smells great like a perfume :)) it works out quite great too I can see some effects after using it for 3 days :))

the emulsion, has a milky texture and the scent is not as strong as the radiance water though. But if applied too much it will break me out too >.<

For the mask, I don't really like because I find it too rich and the next day it did cause me some minor breakout :(((( it is more suitable for dry skin type not for combination type like me :(( for the mask, I also did see some visible whitening effects the next day though :))

Overall, I only will like the radiance water

will I repurchase it again?
maybe if I got the money again I will buy the radiant water only again lol!!

So after using these for a while...
This is me without any makeup at all

C360 2014 11 19 15 32 19 880
Lastly, bye bye and cya next time!!

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