Saturday, December 13, 2014

Mamonde whitening mask review!

Hi peeps!!

I know I have not been updating this space for the damm longest time..
Sights** With all my project and deadlines X_X

Really shagged -__-!!

But nonetheless, I still managed to buy some new skincare items.

Today I am gonna do a review on one of my current new favourite mask!!

& that is MAMONDE's Magnolia whitening masks!!



Effects: 3.5/5:  When I took out it is a white milk lotion, the mask sheets tear quite easily though so I need to be really careful in handling the mask when putting on my face. Personally, I felt that it has a quite rich effect. the next day, when I woke up I can really see some brightening effects and it did calm my skin abit i.e not so much redness and stuffs. Most, importantly, it didn't break me out!!!
Price 4/5 : affordable but sadly it is only available in Korea and I gotten my friend to buy 20 pieces as for me at one go. lol!! as the shop was having some big discount like buy one, one free. Total 20 pieces don't cost me more than SGD$20 lol wahhahaha!!! 
Scent2/5 : neutral scent at least no odour lol!!
Packaging: 5/5 I really like its flowery design packaging

So that is all for now!!
Byebye <3333!


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