Monday, January 5, 2015

My new phone Sony Xperia

Hi peeps!!

today I am gonna blog about something different this time!!

Which is about my new smartphone!!
Sony Xperia!!!


I gotten it because it claimed to have the best camera function!!
20 megapixels!!
as compared to the others like Samsung and Apple which I was deciding on initially!!
and this color is so nice and unique hheheheheheh
And this phone is waterproof too!!
can take photos in the swimming pool!!
the first phone I received was dam lousy it cant charge at all and will black out suddenly then I started to regret it instantly for getting it...
lucky the retailer allowed me to change it the next day ...
my second phone works great!! hopefully nothing goes wrong again T.T
I really love it now <3333
work great esp its camera!!!!!!!!!!!111
wahhahhaha some photos to show off ahahhaha

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