Saturday, January 24, 2015

Careprost eyefrops for eyelashes growth and Mamonde Water lily whitening mask review


  Hi peeps!!!!! ^¬^

I am back now with another short review!!

Recently I have been shopping a lot too for my CNY clothes, makeups and skincare etc..

Mostly are online hauls!!

So today I am gonna review on one of the highly raved product for eyelashes growth which is CAREPROST eyedrops!!

I have been faithfully using it twice a day for one week continuously already yet I still don't see any much visible results which makes me really disappointed as I read the many good reviews on it before my purchase..

Effects: 2/5 not much visible results for me T.T is it just me??
Price: 1/5 it is very costly for one small bottle of eyedrops
Packaging: very small bottle..

so will I repurchase it again??
maybe no as so far I don't really see any visible results >.< and it is so costly for me too as I am just a student now only..

Next I am gonna review on Mamonde's Water lily whitening mask!!


Effects: 4/5 the essence is very rich and it really moisturize my face, it does not break me out most importantly!!! I do see some visible brightening effects the next day!!! wahhahaha!
Price: 4/5 when I bought it in korea it is on a one for one offer!! hahaha lucky me normally is 1 for 1500 won.
Scent: 4/5 it smells quite pleasant.. though I forgotten its scent too. lol.. sorry..
Texture: 3/5 the minus part is that it tears too easily
Packaging: 5/5 too pretty as I love its simple floral designs and its colors too.

Will I repurchase it again??
hahhaa I bought too many pieces of it at one go.. so maybe I will be tired of using the same masks over and over again but overall I love it!! <33333333

Meanwhile, yesterday I dragged bf to accompany me watch a really funny Thailand English lesson and romance movie!!

it is called "i am fine.. thank you.. I love you..

because that leading actress is too pretty so I had to watch it !! And it also has very high ratings too 4.5 stars *~*!!!

Lastly, here is a list of things that I am gonna review on soon one by one

1. Thailand's Vitamin C injection ampoules
2. Etude house play pencil 101 #55
3. Missha's time revolution essence

So stay tune and that is all for now yea!!


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