Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Khiel's Ultra Facial cleanser and cream review

Hi peeps!!

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I am back with another 2 short reviews!!

As the title suggested they are Khiel's Ultra facial cleanser and cream review!

the reasons for me wanting to try this brand and these 2 products is because they are highly raved but until now then try because I am not really into American skincare brand and also because this brand is also very costly for me T..T!``

I will start with its cleanser review first!!


Effects: 4/5 I really like it gentle and mild formula when used it feel very gentle on my skin really suitable for dry skin. Mine is combination type so I will only use this precious cleanser in night time. so as to hydrate my skin which tends to be dry at night :O!! During the time I will use another type of cleanser to prevent any breakouts :O Which I will do a review on the next time :3
Price: 2/5 very costly for me as a student T.T! Lucky me boyfie bought for me this!! hahahahaha blessed girl.
Packaging:3.5/5 it is 150ml in size reasonable size I guess.. can be bigger though ;3
Scent: 2/5 chemical scent no pleasant scent or odour :)

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will I repurchase it again??
Yes if I have the spare money lol cos I am busy buying many other things these days >.<

Next, is review on Khiel's ultra facial cream


For this cream, I only have its sample bottle size which I am using very sparingly now..
Effects: 4/5 it is very rich and moisturizing so just apply a little on your face will do if not it will probably break you out like how it did for me when I carelessly applied excessively.
Price: 2/5 too costly for me as a student now T.T!!
Scent: 2/5 chemical scent no pleasant scent or odour :)

will I repurchase it again??
hahaha same answer as above but overall I prefer the cleanser more! ^¬^//

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PS: side track a bit yesterday I bought a new pair high waist shorts for myself!

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as you can see at its side it is curved up!! which is slightly different from my other usual HWS! >.<

PS: I also dyed my hair a new hair color too!!
Super loving this hair color now heheheh <33!

Pardon my super messy hair in this photo >.<

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So that is all for now

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