Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Back after a long while (Korea Nature Republic Blemish Serum review and Itt's skin Whitening ampoule review)

Hi readers!!
Sorry for not updating my blog space for a super duper longest time! >.<
and now I finally I have some motivation and time since it my long holiday break after my exams ..

I have been busy and lazy all these while
but my passion for shopping and trying out new products never dies!!

Of cos I have been shopping although I am so damm broke as a student!! >.<

But I try to spend within my own means of cos!!
So today I am gonna do 2 reviews here!!
and also share some personal life updates here too!!

As the above title suggests!!

I shall first start with Nature Republic Blemish ampoule serum!!~


The reason why I wanted to try this out because I am so curious about what is a blemish ampoule and is it so effective to cure all my unwanted pimples which breakout sometimes or every now and then if I do not take proper care of my face.. >.< and I enjoyed using it already stopped production blemish lab cleanser >.<

Effects: 3/5 it has a sticky feel which I don't quite like.. and I don't really see any much visible improvements on my face after one month usage already.. I don't like it quite oily face on my face after a while... But i would like to emphasize that this is very subjective because it varies on different people.
Texture: 4/5 very smooth texture the serum on face and when applied too. not bad
Smell: 4/5 the scent is quite pleasant too but I don't know how to describe in words here though.. pardon me..
Price: 3/5 it is quite costly if you buy it online since it is not available in my country it costs around SGD$30
Packaging: 3/5 Quite a small but reasonable size fragile glass bottle.. very hygienic as it comes with a dropper which I totally must have!!

Will I repurchase it again??
hahaha probably not..

Next, I will move to It's Skin Whitening effector ampoule which I bought online too


Effects:4/5 I did see my skin becoming slightly brighter after usage :) and most importantly it didn't break me out too! heheheh ;3
Texture: 4/5 watery texture which allows it to be more easily absorbed into the skin??? lol..
Price: 4/5 quite affordable only around SGD$11 plus..
Packaging: 4/5 the packaging is very simple and size is reasonable for the price. it comes with a dropper too for hygienic purposes and I am so glad it come with it!
Smell: 3/5 have a slight pleasant scent in it too which I also don't know how to describe here too sorry ...pardon me again XD

Will I repurchase it again???
Probably yes.. I quite like this product overall.

Lastly here is some of my personal updates!!

Recently, I bought an agnes B shirt for my bf for our upcoming second year anniversary and I bought us Adventure cove tickets to celebrate on that day itself!!

Embedded image permalink
in return he bought me my super favourite Urban decay's naked basic palette!!
hahahha lucky me!!
additionally I started reading again recently
I fell in love the gossip girl series which I managed to lend while walking around the library with bf to kill some time before our Cinderella movie starts...
Embedded image permalink
this turns out to be a good but childish read I know...
Embedded image permalink
and I cut my fringe abit tooo...
which bf like my new fringe better heheheh
Embedded image permalink
Embedded image permalink
with his super but extremely naughty nephew!!! >.<
Embedded image permalink
Lastly to end off with a selfie!!!
Embedded image permalink
without any color contact lenses here
So that is all for now ya!!
I will update very soon again about my other fav hauls too!

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