Saturday, March 28, 2015


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Hi people back with another short review!

and as the tittle suggests it is Thailand famous whitening cream review~~

It claimed to and is highly raved by many bloggers. So die die I must try this out for myself!! Although I am usually not a fan of Thailand products and actresses
But this girl I forgot her super long name is super fair and pretty!! <33


Effects: 4/5 the effects is really visible the next day i.e you can see the brightening effects and it cure my acne scars a little too !! O_Q!!! But I experiencing a stinging effect when applied it alone as it is to be used solely alone and cannot be mixed with any other skincare products.
Scent: 2/5 chemical smell lol.. luckily no odour :))
Price: 2/5 quite pricey for a student like me hahha is my boyfriend bought it for me online as it is not available in my country yet.. :)
Packaging:4/5 I really love the colors pink and white so I must give credit to it packaging also there is a pump on top for hygiene purposes. thumbs up!

Will I repurchase this again??
not sure >.< because I don't really like its stinging effect on my face >.<

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PS: on a side track I just gotten myself a new sports bra and a ted baker mini bag too!

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So that is all for now yea!!
Bye bye <33~

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