Monday, May 18, 2015

New drama addiction and It's Skin oil tint review

Hi peeps!

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today I am gonna share about my new and latest Korean drama addiction!!

It's Orange Marmalade!!!

I am watching this drama because my idols AoA's Seol Hyun and Cn's blue Lee Jong Hyun are both starring inside.

I just started watching it today...
I watched it online from this link:

Next, I will move on to my product review on It's Skin Oil tint!!

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it comes in three shades

Currently, I have only cherry oil and Strawberry oil tints with me I am left without the orange oil which I am dying to try out... Gonna order it online soon

the above colors are all super nice right ?? <333!!

the product look like this..


Effects:4.5/5Super awesome color and super long lasting!!!
Price: 3.5/5  Affordable :)
Packaging: 4/5 the packaging looks cute from outside too hahaha <33
Scent: 3.5/5the scent from the cherry one has a strong cherry scent but the strawberry is not so strong ...

FYI: I am using the oil tints in all selcas in this post :))

will I repurchase it again??
Absolutely!! Loving it so much!

So that is all for now!!
Ciaos!!! <333

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