Friday, May 22, 2015

SNP animal panda whitening mask sheet review

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Hello peeps!!!

I am back with another short review on a "IT" beauty item which is highly recommended by korea Kbeauty show A style for you in episode 1.

And as the title suggests it is korea's SNP panda whitening mask sheet


Image result for snp panda mask

Image result for snp panda mask

Different animal masks have different functions...

I am a major fan of fair skin so I decided to give this product a try...

So here is my final verdict!!

Effects: 4/5 I do see some visible whitening effects the next day when I woke up :))
Price: 4/5  per piece only costs SGD$3.80.. quite affordable
Packaging: 4/5  cute packaging in animal designs...
Scent: 3/5 not really sure is I have a blocked nose when I was using but I am pretty sure there is no strong scent in it..
Texture: 4/5 it has a rich texture which is quite easily absorbed after a few pats :))

my aunt bought this masks for me a box of 10 masks sheets within it.. :)) yippee!~~^^

will I repurchase it again???
Overalll I do love this product :)) <333

hahhaha maybe ??? Cos I wanna try other new masks too heheheh :)

So that is all for now...

NOTE: all my reviews are non advertorials I used my own pocket or hard earned money to buy these or either my sweetest bf bought them for me ...


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