Saturday, July 23, 2011

sorry dear dear

Went out with domo today \(^~^)/

Domo dear dear here is the picture you wanted you eating ramen ><

Everytime i see your phone i get suspicous, i want to trust you but can't help it
you say i am sensitive maybe i am...
so stop texting whenever we are out together, so i will forget my suspicision
we quarrel over such a minor issue and nearly break..
is not worth it, i though all of it over already
i am so sorry
will give you cookie and vegetable sushi next weekends kk??
don't anymore le,  I LOVE YOU FOREVER DOMO <3
I 'M SORRY!! to make you sad :((

"Zutto suki" means i love you absolutely !!

Bye bye <33333

domo don't sad anymore! please!!

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