Saturday, July 23, 2011

Congrates my twin sister :D and i'm watching 陽光天使

My sister is fianlly attached and her partner is a great guy :D

The most important thing is that he really treats her Good!!!

Feeling happy for her, finding such a great guy finally and at last,

the good thing is that they are both in the same class

My mother and big sister seems to like him too :D cheers

recently, i 'm watching a but of this drama series called sunshine angel, it is really nice thumbs up**

And recently i have been receiving a lot of unknown strangers messages in my facebook account asking for my number and i' m lazy to show all so just show one of them here

the funny thing is that i have never gave him my number before, so how can he lost my number right??? Lols

and obvisouly i will IGNORE right????

that's all for today's sharing bye bye :DD

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  1. congratulations to your sister!! :D i should check out sunshine angel too :3