Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bad bad day + new huals + the Smurfs

What an unlucky day for me today!!! ><

lost my wallet and could not find my handphone at that point of time to contact my boyfriend
who just went off  ><

Tired lending a handphone just to make a single phone call to contact him

and nobody could lend me!!

What a cruel and selfish society..

So to people out there, please careful for your own valuables...

if not you end like me in a super pathetic state

inside i am like what the hell!!!!!!!!!!

i bet japanese are defintely way better and nicer..

understand that there is some black sheeps who actually cheat people handphone

But when there is poor soul in need of help what happens??!!!!

Die lo!!!!!!!!!!!

Next up new huals!!!!~~~ ^^

Next up, time for the cutest movie ever!!!The smurfs

went to catch it with domo today!! NaisE!!!!

At the end of this, Domo tells me " I SMURFING LOVE YOU!" Lols
What a cute cute Domo i have!! (^~^)//

I love you, Domo!~~~

To omishu: Oh my gosh!! Entering to a millitary college, Wow! you are really one tough girl. Thumbs up!! bravo!! file://(#%5e~%5e#)//


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