Friday, September 2, 2011

First day of work + my favorite and inspirational bloggers

It has been a long time since i went back for work

First day was tiring T~T

i hope work will be ok for me. since i getting lazy these days...

KK, here are some of my idols


Why cant i be as pretty as them??!!!!!!!!!!!1


Depressed !!!!!!!!!!!

To omishu: Oh i have joined cross country before, it was super tiring and exhausting!!
i am like gonna die through half way, you can eat healthily or drink more water to be healthy no need for so tideous and strenous activity though :DD Anyway all the best to you!! -_<

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  1. oh my family eats very healthy since my mom is so picky :) haha i am just doing sports to get in shape for going to a military college

    those girls are all very pretty, but i think everyone is pretty in a different way :) even all the pictures you post of yourself are nice looking! i hope work goes well :)