Sunday, July 20, 2014

My latest kpop obession!

Hi Peeps!!

Recently, I just watched the last episode of the global series of k variety WGM show of
Puff & Cherry oppa and Key and Arisa!! T.T So sad to see them parting..

But meanwhile, I found  another awesome couple which is featuring my another idol which is Yura shi from the girl band - Girl's day!!

The guy that she is paired up is a famous actor and a model look awesome!!

They look so cute together!! <333

Recently, Girl's day has their new comeback song which I quite enjoyed listening to too is called


So here is the MV!!

This song is quite addictive and catchy for me!!
love it <333!!!
and they are all so pretty and cute too!!!

I just cant get enough of all these Kpop >.<

Are you like me too?? wahahhaha >.<

So that is all for my short sharing session of my current obsession for now!!

Ciaos!! Cya soon!!

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