Saturday, July 5, 2014

Alive museum Boyfie's advanced birthday celebration

                       Photo: at orchard gateway today !!

Hello peeps!!
It has been quite a while since I last updated this space here!!

I will be sharing with you all how I celebrated upcoming boyfie's 22nd bday celebration with me!!

First up I bought his Bday present of course!!
and it is

Givenchy's gentleman only perfume!!
So expensive!!! T.T $_$!!!~~~
                            Photo: I love this birthday present by my girlfriend  thank you dear ❤️

Next I rented a car together with him so as to let me drive around the few places that I planned on that day!!

                       Photo: So long since I drove again, it's so fun, yet scary ! Waiting for @hellomissyuki

So here is the plan on that day
1st we head to Sushi Tei @ Vivo City
Which has a nice view from outside, food is not bad!!

lazy to take photos so I just grab some online ! >.< pardon me!



2nd which is the MAIN HIGHLIGHT of that day which is ALIVE MUSEUM!



















3rd we went to woodlands to try out a new Chinese restaurant named " Paradise Dynasty" to try out the colourful and different flavours of Xiao long Bao!!
But we only ordered the crab roe and the cheese flavours to try out only as the other flavours doesn't sound weird taste to our preferences lol! >.<
But the food there was damm nice!!!!!!!!!
But costly of cos!! hahaha!!

4th lastly, we headed to Clark Quay to have a Singapore River cruise experience which my twin recommended me to. lol... 

                       Photo: River cruise ending the day

This segment was quite boring but a nice experience because we both didn't get on this ride before our entire life ! hahhaa!

So that is all for now!
Cya soon!!

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