Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Skinfood passion fruit and avacado lip gloss & Innisfree lip mousse products review!!

                                  Some people you met in your life are meant to have an expiry date with you, just like my favorite lippie from Seoul
Hi peeps!!

I am guilty of being lazy these days and not updating this space recently :(

Today will be another review on my lip products

Firstly, I bought my lip gloss from my Seoul trip it is Skinfood's passion fruit and avocado flavoured and it is colorless it and I absolutely love its feel on my dry chapped lips... and it has SPF 8 lol

Initially, I just bought it off the shelf for fun because back then it was still spring time in Seoul and it is so cold and dry there so I needed a good lip balm which I failed to bring one there at that point of time and the sale assistant there recommended me this so I decided to purchase it after testing it out once and I really must say I am glad I actually bought it back then!!! hahaha!!


mine is the first one on the left side..

Effects: 4/5 love the instant moisture it gives to my lip and the feel of it making my lips shiny and smooth at the same time too! <3333
Price: 4/5 I bought this directly from Incheon aiport so it is cheap wahhaha no taxes and no shipping costs incurred in this price!!
Packaging: 3/5 it like it is plastic and can squeeze it and it is yellow in color so I don't really fancy its design...
Scent: 3/5 pleasant neutral scent?

will I repurchase this again??

                             Photo: I wanna kiss my boyfie cheeks but I want to wear lip sticks too  #commongirlproblem??

Next, I will be sharing with you my latest lip products which are also innisfree latest launch of lippies too!! hehhehe


There are many different shades of colors available but I only bought 2 colors.. I am lazy to take photo of them so I just grabbed their photos on the net.. pardon me >.<
I wanted all the colors as they are all so vibrant and lively but I am so broke T.T!!!
Hahahha just kidding some colors just don't suit me and I prefer the more natural colors for daily look and usage!!

Effects: 4/5 it is super long lasting as compared to all my previous lip products!! At the end of a long day I still need to use my makeup remover to remove its color on my lips!! O.O!!!
Price: 3/5 it is quite pricey as compared to my other lip products..
Packaging:3/5 simple? the words innisfree will fade after some time.. quite bad quality?? lol

Will I repurchase this again??
 hahaha if there are improved versions of these of any other new products similar to these I will definitely purchase them!! I will buy them at the same time I want to try out others and play with the colors too! hehehe! :3

Recently I am also obsessed with a variety show on Kshowonline.com
it is Onstyle Jessica and Krystal featuring these 2 of my female idols goddesses!! <333
Super gorgeous!!! >.<


Do check this show out if you haven't done so!! Lol!!

So that is all for now yea!!

Cya soon!!

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