Saturday, July 19, 2014

My dead twitter account and coping with university degree course programme...

                        Photo: Being able to do things as you planned is one of the best things in the world

Hi peeps!!

Do you all know about my dead twitter account which I just started reusing it again.. hahahha
since I still want to stalk my favourite Japanese models celeb and kpop of course!! hahahah

My twitter account username is : iamsherminnn  !!
here is a screenshot how I redesign my layout.. still figuring the background still..

Currently, I just started studying for my degree programme after my diploma and I even went to its orientation week and met a lot of new people there.

Struggling with many articles and case studies like the past, I need to squeeze in buses and trains and also the need to getting up early and trying my best not to be late >.<

Hope I manage to survive this 2 coming years in it and pass it!!! T.T

So that is all for now!!

Cya soon!!


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