Saturday, August 30, 2014

Korea's regen synergy whitening mask review!!


Hi peeps!!
I am back with another short review here!!

& it is Korea's Regen Synergy whitening mask!!

it comes in many functions to choose from like Pore care, Moisturizing and Wrinkle care too
but I choose whitening only because I want to fairer!! haha!!
This mask is special because it comes together with a lifting sheet below as its step 2.
so here is my verdict of it after using it twice!!
Whitening Effect:3/5 after using, I didn't notice any obvious visible results :( each time I use.
Lifting effect: 3.5/5 I did feel the lifting effect when putting on , but sadly I didn't notice any obvious visible results too.. lol!! is it just me only?? 
Price: 3/5 pricey for me , lucky me my aunt bought this pack of masks for me hehe :3
Packaging: 4/5 its packaging looks interesting from the outside that is why it appeals me to want to try it out myself , stating how good all the effects are and how it works behind, I was attracted to it!
will I repurchase it again???
Maybe?? hahaha I am not so sure..
so that is all for now yea!! I will blog soon meanwhile follow my twitter tweets too "@iamsherminnn"!! Thank you &


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