Friday, October 3, 2014

Shu umera eyelash curler review!!

HI all !

I am guilty of not updating my this humble beauty space here!!

Today I am going share with a new product which boyfie have gotten for me months ago for our monthsary but I am yet to review >..<

& it is Shu Umera eyelash curler!!


I decided to ask bf to get it for me because just like other people I heard bloggers raving about how good it works and after reading many good reviews online! I decided to try it out myself!!
>.< kekeke!! <333

Bf is so sweet to get it for me too after I demanded I wanted it !! :3

it look like this '

Credit to the website because I am just so lazy to take a snapshot my used one...


Effecrs: 5/5 really effective!! instantly curls up your downwards lashes!! *¬* Amazing!!!
Price: 3/5 T.T $_$ costly but is bf bought me one so lucky me!! hehehe
Packaging:4/5 simple and class well protect  the curler and comes with an extra rubber/plastic top?? Lol I not sure as I am a noob in guessing the type of material here!!
Comfort level: 3.5/5 I am still a noob in using this curler so I do experience some pain when curling maybe cos I pressed too hard or something but I will work on it to improve my skills!

Will I repurchase it again?

YES!!!!!!!! OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So amazing!!

Here is a snapshot of my eyemake with my miserable lashes #>.<#


So that is all for now!!!

Recently I purchased many other new products which I am so lazy and busy to review

Please stay tune!!

Byebye <3333


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