Wednesday, May 4, 2011

what's on my mind most of the time?

things that are currently on my mind
when exactly is my jap advance lesson taking place?
gonna check it soon
help that i will not be late though
blogging in the midst of my break now hehe...

yesterday Bf was finally back :D
went out to meet him yesterday after lesson
he doesn't mind my less make up face:D
everytime i see him, i feel weird.
he is really into kissing and hugging which i don't like at all
anyways he really gives in to me most of the time
my feelings for him are all mixed up not sure exactly what is it though
this sunday maybe going his house for the first time
oh my god i am so nervous now
i don't know what to do?
What should i dress like? And how should i communicate with his family
we have been together for 2-3 months time already
yet i am still so shy whenever, i see or hear his voice??lols sometimes, i also don't know what to text him i am like so Duh right?? lols.....
but i am certain i am not in love with him just yet for now only i hope in the near future i will....
so that i will not be so troubled and dissappiont him :D
tata going to do my ecos homework soon if not tomorrow die :X

probably going to orchard to grab myself a copy of popteen magazine tomorrow :D

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