Friday, May 6, 2011

one of my wish came true X gyaru madness

Yesterday after school i accompanied mandy
and i managedd to find this magazine which i have been eyeing long ago
and yesterday luckily due to me saving up i managed to get THIS!
The Dvd inside is very exclusive i get to see myt idol and her style make and everything
i am like WAH!!! i chose this over popteen
this issue is feauturing school gal's style. :D

The contents within are really fascinating! LOVES!!!
i especially like 蓼沼楓

yesterday got myself a new backpack :D
it is PINK!! ( urm it is girlish but i like it ) ><
By the way, ia really into the japanese WC brand and the items can only be exclusively found only in japan only :(
here is a nice slideshow featuring my favourite japanese WC brand

But the good news is that yesterday i managed to found this selling in one singapore web :D

however, the bad news is that the owner have not replied me till now :( Boos!!!!!
and i still figuring how to buy it :(

Next, after wataching the Dvd inside my magazine i also like the japanese cosmestic brand Jewerich
this morning managed to found a blogshop spree selling it at an affordable price :D

Later evening time will be heading to my grandma's house to celebrate mother's day
will be bored to death except the food there :X
cause got nothing much to do :(
hope aunts will be generous later then i got no more worries already :D
that's all for today
bye bye !~

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