Sunday, May 8, 2011

I joined Miyake's megane glasses contest AND my presents from my aunt and BF


i know i will not win but just join for fun only

Here are the pictures of what i received from my aunt and BF
But i am returning my BF two gifts does not suit me due to some childhood supersition
so i am taking snapshots of them :(

anyway i really apprciate them but i just don't express it

tomorrow i am going to his house to meet his parents HOW!!??
panick!!! already wondering what to wear and how to makeup?

1 piece of good news is that the WC bear t shirt seller responded me already :D
can't wait to lay my hand on the shirt reallly love it to the MAX!!!
and i paid for my jewerich item order already Relief!!
going to get my popteen issue tmr
and starting my japanese pre advanced class on this coming wednesday :D
Anyway my sister and i  managed to do some nessecities shopping today
love the items i just bought today since i have always been wanting them long ago

Oh ya, if you are interested in getting jewerich, candydoll, dollywink items too do visit
their spree closes on 9th may

that's all bye bye!!

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