Thursday, May 5, 2011

Gifts from my bf

When my bf came back from taiwan he bought me a couple keychain and 2 shirts ( which i cannot wear for some strange reasons) :D anyway glad that he remenbers me even he is very tough there
i feel weird seeing him though don't know for what reasons
blogging in the midst of PACC now
mummy's birthday is tomorrow
us 3 sisters gotten her a new LEVI'S jeans
hope she really like it though :D
credits to big sister for getting it ><
today i am getting a new backpack and really hope to get my popteen issue today no matter what
heading to orchard later then meeting mum for my new backpack
hope to get a one that is really nice and that i really like it
shall show you all my couple keychain very soon though :D
that's all for today bye

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