Monday, May 9, 2011

yesterday was play pool

yesterday night, my BF brought me to play pool and the environment was simply too noisy and i don't like it at all. Although it is a place that alot of youths hang out. i don't want to go there anymore.
from here, i realised that i am actually a very boring person.
anyway, i am currently trying one of bubsbeauty tips about dark circles and face massage thingy so as to imporve blood circulation. it feels really refreshing and nice. Moreover, i tired out another hairstyle too
and slightly alter it myself to another different hairstyle.

Furthermore, i changed my mind about getting the WC shirt cause it turns out to be a replicate and my sister and friend commented that it is ok only not reallly nice cause it is very normal and plain

that's all for today sharing

byebye :D

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