Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Chomp chomp, Popsiter and eyetalk

Hi all, these are my new huals, well Domo got the halloween chomp chomp for me...
Watched footloose yesterday with domo, i find the show ok
with some funny scenes..
shall do a review on eyetalk that i just bought, i just started using and so is not so familarize with how to use it properly and exactly.
This latest issue of popsister is GREAT AND AWESOME!!
there are make up tips and face massage that Yui kanno and other popsister model goes for and the steps are stated~~ (>0<) 
if i have the time i will try to post and share with you all the great make up tips and
massage steps shown inside it.. :D
that's all for today
byebye <333
thanks for viewing once again :D

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