Thursday, October 13, 2011

Review on cat eye Diamond lash

Hi all, i don't really like the lash design and regret getting this ><
i look abit weird and i don't like it. BUT i don't want to waste it.
Tried it and i specially need to curl it with my eyelash curle to alter it...
i am wearing it on my above picture.

This was today's make...Hais don't like it ><

Anyway got this from a japan pharmacy.
Gonna try it out soon :DD
Maybe a review later.
Egg model Yunkoro used this!! (o^W^o)//

Was out with sis :P
She was busy playing her blackberry game :0
smiling :D

We watched the movie " THE CONSPIRATORS"
sis wanna watched it a long long time ago
Finally today we caught it ><. POPCORN IS AWESOME (O>w<O)...

Laslty, finished reading this AWESOME book
titled " The not quite perfect boyfriend"

That's all
Thank you for viewing once again ;D

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