Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What a lucky day for me ^X^

Hi all, i has been worry about my accounting results all the time after i seat for it.
I thought i will FAIL
in the end, i PASSED!!
i am yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Next, my general education scored an A grade
とても幸せです!!本とによかたね!!!(^C ^)

Then my group won the storytelling competition

Then my ringlight arrived WAHAHA!!!!!!!!

Next, i have been watching okarie matsuoka りえちゃん

I hoped that girls out there will be inspired to be like her
working so hard for her passion and everything
and although another girl played her role in this movie.
that girl is kawaii too~~
she is from SKE48

love okarie chan MAX~~

and her hard work Ank Rouge shop~~

that's all byebye~~

thanks for viewing my blog

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