Monday, May 28, 2012

chilled korean vanedo masks review

now i am really super duper stressed with my stupid exams! >.<


it is all gonna be OVER in 2 more freaking days and i am dying!!!!!!!
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okkk... i got no time to take pics for the results after the masks

so i will just pen it down here

there are many flavours to choose from.........

i bought the snail ( for skin rejuvenation)
 , red ginseng( mild, soothing) , mung bean (clear skin) and lemon ( clear skin)

effects: 3/5 little skin irritation
smell: 3/5 i like the snail one the best because it smells like apples :D
cost :cheap!
packaging: 5/5 nice!!

instructions state that use it chilled or warmed. i prefer chilled!!

nice cooling feel!!!!!!! :ppppppp

will i buy these again ??
i had bought many of them already in fact! :)))))

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that is all!!byebye!!

back to the harsh reality! >.<

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