Tuesday, May 1, 2012

K-palette eyeliner review!!!!!!!!!!!! the secret to bigger eyes!!

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     Hello!!!!!! today gonna be a review on my k-palette eyeliner! the moment it was launched and after i saw their advertisement and it was feautured in some japan magazines i really wanted to buy and try!!!! and it really works for me!!!

     it is the best eyeliner for me!!!!!!! >.<

love it totally!!! ^W^

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before, i start let me show you some before and after using this amazing eyeliner!!!

amazing right??????!!! MADE IN JAPAN!~~~

no wonder it is NO.1 in japan now!!!! >.<

for me in fact this totally better than my dollywink eyeliner!!~~ sorry tsu-chan! >.<

and some reviews stated that it does not budge even when running it under the running water tap too !

effects: 5/5 totally super waterproof and smudgeproof!!! and it is really super easy to use or draw! :D

cost: 4/5 affordable! cost me S$19.90

packaging: 3/5 classic!

will i buy this again??

yes of course!! since i love it so much now!!
never need to change my eyeliner again!! :ppp

by the way i found this really cute small stall in japan
hehhe some harujuku style soft toys! so so uber kawaii right???

totally irresistable right??!!
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that is all byebye!!

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  1. hey which one is better? k-palette or dolly wink eyeliner?
    Thank you~~

    1. to shasha: hey! ^V^ K-palette is better than dollywink! :D

    2. oh really? thanks for the answer ^^

  2. Wow! This eyeliner looks pretty nice! Where did you buy it?

  3. to nana: hi! ^W^ i bought this from watsons! :D

  4. woooh this is interesting, thanks for sharing!

    1. to carizza chua: heheh you are most welcome!! ^.^