Thursday, May 31, 2012

korea leader solutions Ac dressing mask review!!!!!!!

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Hi all!!!!!!!!!!!

today gonna be a review on a new mask that  just bought :)

it is as what the tittle suggest AC dressing mask!

because i need some healing mask because i injured my chin :((((((

saded!!!!!! T.T


so here is my review!!!!!!!!

effects: 3/5 not really obvious results but the feeling very moist and soft :DD
price: 4/5 around 3 plus for a piece quite ex
packaging: 3/5 simple?

will i buy it again??
sadly, no :( sorry!

and i hope to get well soon :((

and i just received my new online mini haul
my faceshop body sunblock!!! :D

jump for joy!!

and it is finally after my exams!! :DD



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