Friday, May 4, 2012

luminous lashes 03 review X biore cleansing tissue review!

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today gonna be another review day!

will be on my current 2 fav items!

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as the title suggested... luminous lashes 03 and biore cleaning tissues!

Biore wet tissue first!

i decided to buy this and try because i have read and heard many many good reviews about this before! and that i saw them featured in many japanese magazines such as popteen and vivi before! >.<

effects: 5/5 very good moisture and effectively clears make up away and it is so so so soft! moisture level is so rich too!! :D
price: 3/5 more costly than other normal brand make up remover tissues! >.<
packaging: 3/5 normal.. and simple??

it is definitely worth the buy!!!!
yes, i will definitely buy this again once i finished using this!

next is my review on my luminous 03 lashes!

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effects: 3/5 it is very stalky and quite thick but quite natural too!
price:4/5 it is cheaper than most of my other gyaru lashes! :p
packaging: 5/5 very jappy kawaii yo!

hmm, but sadly i will not buy this again :((
because i feel that it is not realy suitable for me :(
hhehe but you can all try this out too!! :)

so i camwhore abit with my webcam! 100% unedited !! :DD

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so how??????????

do you all like this look or reviews???


hope this is kind of useful for you all???



  1. such a pretty dol. it actually looks good on you!

    1. to carizza: hehhehhe thank you!! i am not pretty at all you over flattered me!! >.< you are pretty too! <3