Saturday, June 22, 2013

Garnier sakura facial cleanser review!!

                              Hi peeps!! ^~^

Today will be sharing with you all  a short review on my new and favourite facial cleanser which i just bought and am using it now :D

i wanted to buy this product quite some time ago when it first launched but i haven use finish my previous cleanser yet so now then i have finally gotten it XD!!

Effects: 3/5 no immediate visible results though but so far it doesnt break me out and it states that it is even suitable for sensitive skin too as it tested XD!!
Cost: 4/5 affordable in any drugstore in my country!!
Packaging: 4/5 white and pink in color with sakura prints
Smell: 4/5 Smell nice!! has the mild scent of Sakura <33333 !!!~~

will i repurchase it again??

Yes if it doesnt break me out :D


Most of my holidays i have been spending it with my dear we are so engrossed in anime and playing games lol!!

So that is all for now

byebye<3333 Cya soon!!! :D

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