Saturday, June 29, 2013

Recent cooking X Patene Nature Hair care review!~~


Hello !!~~ it has been so so so long since i last blogged..
guilty much**


Cos i have been enjoying and relaxing much of my free time with my beloved boyfriend these days

and we have been cooking our own meals

so fun and nice!!!!!!!!!!!

the last few days we did 2 cooking one include a WESTERN MEAL !!


Fish fingers, french fries and chicken cheese nuggets!! wahahhaha
So full yet so delicious! >V<


After which we proceeded to cooking indian cuisine which just Roti Prata and curry sauce!!

so addicted to cooking now ~~


We also spent lots of our time playing games and watching anime like Naruto shipudden and toriko together hhaha so much addictive too!! lol!~


And my boyfie bought some nail polish to paint the minion of despicable me on my nails for me since he knows that i liked them so much hehheheh after watching the nail tutorial online himself that is so sweet of him !!! <333333333 AWWS~~~~~~~~~~~

So beside that, i will be blogging about my new recent hair care product too
which is my PATENE nature hair cream :)

Bought this some time ago and have been using it for quite a while already
and i quite like this!! :P
Effects:3.5/5 not much visible results though.. but it does help to smooth out the friziness and  my hair doesnt look so dry anymore satisfied!!
price: 4/5 affordable
packaging: 3.5/5 simple i guess??
smell:4/5  smells quite nice!! :D
will i repurchase this again???
maybe yes!! since overall i quite like this product!!
so that is all for now

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