Monday, June 3, 2013

Biore jelly sunscreen review!

                     Photo: Going for my changi airport interview now  nervous much

Hi there!! :))

Here is another short update here today..
was preparing for my interview yesterday >.< and managed to meet up with dear shortly after i reached home :))

So i gonna do a short review here on one of my latest products i started trying out
which is
erhemm.. before i begin, i should tell you all suncreen is really a very important thing for our skin , especially if you are living in such a HOT country like me.. it can help prevent anti aging and those harmful ultraviolet rays which causes skin cancer and lastly help you maintain a fair skin complexion which i adored so much like those Kpop stars skin tone (*~*)// 
As you can see there is only a SPF of 30 >.<
Previously, i really hated those UV Biore milk sunscreen, because they caused me outbreak due to some oily skin problems.. which i am not sure of so i stopped using them completely...
So when these jelly and water suncreen came out i was quite dubious. whether should i give these a try, so after seeing so many good reviews online then i finally decided to get it :0 
Effects: very jelly like consistency and smooth when applied on skin :D
Price: quite affordable!!
Packaging:4.5/5 it is quite big size but handy and portable!! :))
Hopefully there is no outbreaks using this later on.. if got i will tell you all hehhehe..

So will i repurchase it again??
YES of course!!!!!!!!! hurhur...

So that is all for now.. byebye <333333333

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