Friday, June 14, 2013



Rcently i have been accompanying my dearie most of the time if not is go school do my project...
pressed for time >.<
After our first cooking last week i decided to cook with him again
this time we planned on cooking sphagetti and crispy chicken :p

Before that he wanted to do mask with me :)

so i cannot do any skin makeup that day..
and he told me there is no difference .. :)

Well i still did some eyemake up though hurhur..

i really enjoyed myself whenever i am with him that we always lost track of time :)
tiring but happy


hhehe if you all is a couple you can try cooking things together :)
it really is fun  but need to be careful of the knifes, oil and fire and although it very hot and stuffy too
but when eating those foods you cooked, you will feel wonderful especially if it taste yummY!! hhahahaha
 if not a couple can try cooking with your family or friends too :D

i will want to cook many more other dishes with him in our coming days.. :)
cook and share lots of foods together with him!!

so that is all for now byebye<3333333333

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