Thursday, June 13, 2013

Luxury babe 21 black lense review

Hi guys wanna do a short lense review here today for you all...

And that is luxury babe 21 black lense


i  decided to get these black lense because my boyfriend doesnt really like thick makeup on me i can feel it..

and black eye color is most asian natural eye color so it will appear more natural when i wear these lenses instead of those other light colors ones... especially with light makeup on.. or rather minimal makeup ..


These lenses are more comfy than my previous brown lense luxury number 45 choco..
these pair of black lenses' diameter is not too big though around 14.5mm plus i think??
Design is pretty natural just black rims on the outside nothing too fanciful though..
PS : i am wearing the black lense in all these photos in this post here!! :D

they hurt when i wore them for about 2 weeks plus..
then so i decided to throw them away and change to these black lenses instead..
and up till now i have no problems with these lenses so far :))

So that is all for now

byebye<33333333 and please do stay tune to my humble blog .. ^^

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