Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine day 2014

Hi peeps, my blog space here is quite outdated of my life journey already..
so I am gonna do a short post here before I head to bed..

                         Photo: 遇见你之后,每一天的今天都是一个意外的惊喜

This post is about how I spent my Vday this year with boyfie..

As a girl, I always look forward to Vday each year,, because of all the sweet and lovely romance and suprises that every girl fantasies about each time it is Vday #>.<#

So this year it is no surprise that I am also looking forward to it too!! hahaha


it was so unfortunate that boyfie still need to work on that particular day.. but.. he still came in to my office early in the morning to deliver me these pressies hahaha!! :3

and I took a half day off for my interview to work at a place near his.. which I eventually gotten into!!! hahahha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and afterwards, met baby for his lunch time. and we chatted and laughed after which we went back to his work T>T and I met up with twinie...

                       Photo: Lol I forgotten to take a snapshot of my boyfie vday presents to me .. Which he delivered personally to me early in the morning that day to my office  here are just some of them only ..

these are just some of them only .. ahahha
the others I eaten and lazy to take photos.. lol!!

                         Photo: He is going off Tmr already  I am so gonna miss him like crazy  Iuckily I bought a sim card for him ☝to use there for contact me only

in addition, I bought this Laneige skin mist for myself as a vday present for myself too hehehe :p


baby went off to KL for work today >.< T.T
But before that, I did up a DIY badge for him and decided to send him off at the airport the afternoon..

                                      Photo: Was doing some DIY farewell gifts for my colleagues but I did one for boyfie too 󾌯

and I also decided to bring my polaroid camera along to take some flims together as a memory..and to surprise him too!! ^~^
here are just some of the photos we takens the rest are given to him ..
Although we just met up for a mere few minutes we were happy still.. ^O^!!~

                      Photo: sending him off with a surprised Polaroid surprise

Hope that I will not miss him too much T>T and that he comes back soon!!

Afterwards, I went off with my twin to do some shopping.. I went to ? H&M to buy some clothes..

                           Photo: My new work coordinate

So that is all for now yea..


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