Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valentine day is coming !! X SK-II Clear lotion and Facial treatment essence review !!

Hi peeps!!

Valentine day is coming soon!! >.< <3333333333


Are you all excited or just lonely??

Well, well valentine days is not only about your lover but also your family too ^~^
i already ordered an Armani tie for boyfie online already and is waiting for its arrival >.<
which will take dont know how long >.<

And this year boyfie celebrated with me yesterday in advance

He treated me to Jpot at Vivo City :3
Initially it is my treat , but he paid in the end.

i really love Jpot <33
i ate it during the CNY with my family, and found it nice so i wanted boyfie to accompany me to eat it again :3 Boyfie ordered all the pork slices and ate until his mouth so smelly and gross >.<
while i just ordered a vegetable soup for myself :X and some vermicelli, some crabmaeats and quail eggs and my all time fav seaweed egg fried tofu :x

twinie also brought her boyfie to eat there too, it nice :) i dont really like steamboat but i really like the food and the place there :o

So next i am gonna review on my recent haul which is my fav Sk-II products - Sk-II clear lotion and its facial treatment essence...

Effects: 5/5 my complexion did look brighter abit.. at least ahaha and my pimples did subside abit.. i really love its effects on my skin so far *O_O*
Price: 2/5 so damm costly $_$  T.T
Packaging: 3/5 i bought the small bottles one so it is rather one handy for me but i dont really fancy the large glass bottles ones so inconvenient and easily breakable >.<.
Smell: 3/5 no pleasant or nice scent.
will i repurchase it again??
yes!! of Course, i want to see better and more visible results on my face later on. >.<

So that is all for now


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