Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Happy 10th monthsary!~ Wees~!

Hi peeps!!


Yesterday Boyfie and I celebrated our 10th monthsary!! ^~^
Uber happy can??! >.< Cause he is like finally back from Genting wahaha!!

Although we have been texting each non stop but nothing is better than seeing him in real and hugging and kissing him especially his cheeks :3

luckily I applied for leave using my last day leave ha-ha!!

So yesterday we went dined @Pizza Hut and watched I.Frankenstein. movie it was quite horrifying for me ...But nice :0 surprisingly..


The pizza was too cheesy lol!! Although I am a cheese lover, but I still find it too much ..>.<
and I couldn't even finished my last piece..

We order the set that came together with the Hawaiian pizza, 2 iced green tea, 2 bowls of mushroom soups and a seafood platter that contains truffle fries, calamari, drumsticks and tempura :p and also an emerald sparkling apple drink too hahaha because we finished our green tea too fast... >.<

I only ate the drumsticks and fries while dearie helped me to finished the rest hahaha..
Actually he wanted to try the beef balls but he gave in to me :3

After that we went to shop around awhile and he bought me these since I am buying them for myself ..and he didn't managed to get any pressies for me.. since I gave him a Levis belt that day :3
Hahaha actually I am quite satisfied with my Monster university mini beanies that he managed ti catch for me from the toy machine already.. but he still gave me these nevertheless...

One piece polaroid films and lower lashes :3

                 Photo: Thanks dear for these gifts

So that is all for now ..

                  Photo: Our happy 10th monthsary ✌✌


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