Sunday, May 4, 2014

How we celebrate our 13th monthsary today!!


Hi peeps today I am gonna share with you how we managed to spend our day fruitfully today hahaha!!! \\(>W<).....///

                     Photo: T.E.A.R.S - won't means anything to some worthless bastards who are out to hurt you, but they are priceless to that someone special

First off we headed to dine @ a barbeque casual dining place

called the "Little Hiro"!~~ a chef bear concept hahah kawaii right???

we ordered the famous Ramen karage burger, Tokyo mentaitoko pasta, cheesey ramen
and their cheesy nacho fries too!!!!!!

here is a snapshot of what we ordered :3

     Photo: specially went to find at little hiro - Hawaiian Japanese fusion eatery today yummilicious

the food the price is quite pricey especially their nacho cheese fries lol!~~
their pasta taste not bad hhahaha!!
I absolutely love their Tokyo pasta which I ordered <333 simple yet tasty at the same time :0

their ramen burger was not bad too!! I quite love their pricey nacho cheese fries too !!

conclusion:maybe I will go back for their Tokyo mentaitoko pasta maybe delivery hhaha since it is too far away for me!! >.< ...T>T. save me the hassle kekeke***

after dining we went to catch the amazing spiderman movie which is like very popular now!! 

After the movie, we went to dine @ Nihon Murai a sushi express like restaurant..
the food was so only
I prefer itacho sushi better hahahaha...

Photo: Eating sushi with boyfie to celebrate our 13th Monthsary

Photo: Yummy !!

              Photo: ✨dreamy is what I feels whenever I am with boyfie alone

what a gourmet day for us today ahahhaa!!!~
fat die me!! T.T but the foods tasted so nice! <33333333333

so that is all for now

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