Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Laneige water mist review!!!!!!!!!!

            Photo: Trying out a new look today .. Ps: the I love you is for my boyfie

Hi peeps!!~~

today I am like finally doing another review on my blog now!~ >.<

and it is as the title suggests

Laneige water bank mineral water mist!~~

but before I begin, let me tell you the benefits of the using a facial mist

I decided to purchase one because
lol because I saw in korean dramas the female actresses all like to use one
and I read up on some blogs saying that by spraying some facial mist on your face before you apply any bb creams or liquid foundation makes the whole application more easier and smoother too!!

but if you are using powder foundation use it afterwards when you are done with your whole makeup to achieve the dewy skin finish look!! *~*!!

Effects:4/5 it doesn't break me out and it is very fine and watery really love it!!
Cost: 2/5 Costly $_$!! unless you go korea and purchase it hhahaha!!
Packaging: 3/5 quite small size but portable!!
Smell: 3/5 no scent , neutral at least no odour hahhaha!! :3
will I repurchase this again???
Of cos!! hahahah I already bought my second bottle already!! hahahha!!!
so that is all for now byebye<333~!

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