Thursday, May 8, 2014

Review on Missha Signature Pure BB cream!

Hi peeps~~!!

I am just back from work and is heading to bed, but I decided to do a blog entry here before bed ...

& I am back with another review on Missha Signature BB cream!!
That boyfie bought for me as my monthsary present this month !! Major Grins ^~^!!

As we were passing by Laniege and Missha outlet in Jcube and we went in Missha instead of Laneige ...

Okie enough said so here are ratings!

Mine is the white version one from the above picture..

Effects: 4/5 it doesn't break me out, it look natural when applied and it contains SPF too which is a need for lazy people like me who doesn't like to apply sunblock these days >.<
Smell: 2/5 Neutral , no pleasant or very nice scent within either O.O!
Packaging: 3.5/5 it is quite big so I guess I can use it for quite a long time before considering buying a new one ?? lol!!
Price: 2.5/5 $~$ abit pricey although boyfie paid it ..

will I repurchase it again?
hhahaha maybe yes? because I quite like this product and it doesn't break me out at all which is a very good thing for me hehehe ^~^//
                        Photo: Every photo is a memory taken #flashback

So that is all for now yea!!


Nights Nights Peeps!!~~

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