Friday, June 27, 2014


                   Photo: Pleasant feeling of removing makeup because of some really awesome skin care products I gotten !

Hi peeps!!

my holidays are nearly over... T.T
and I am like thinking damm hard on how to celebrate boyfie bday while watching my fav kdramas
and went visiting my grandma today..

I will be doing a short review here on 2 shades that I bought to tried for Korea's IOPE cushion series-
natural and shimmer series..


Personally, I like S22 better, because it gives me a more shiny and dewy complexion as the shade is even lighter than N21 too.

whereas, N21 is darker in comparison too..

But overall, I am satisfied with iope air cushions!! Because they are just so natural and comfy on my face when applied. Moreover, its functions states that there are whitening properties inside it too, when applied for a longer time basis will whiten skin.. so far I didn't see any visible and obvious results -.- But I love it watery dewy feel and finish look on face :))
and it doesn't break me out too!! ^~^//

will I repurchase it again??

well, I cant find this product in my country and online charge quite expensive and I will be back to a student real soon.. so if I can buy I will buy but if cant find one.. then resign to fate?? lol!! >.< poor me.. hahahaha

so that is all for now yea..
Ciaos!~ <333

Cya soon!! xoxoxo

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