Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dermedex review - effective pimple and acne solution?

Hello peeps

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my school term is gonna restart soon in the first week of july I so wanna deny it but cant >.<
 because I want to graduate ASAP!! >.< T.T

Today I am gonna blog on a product that I recently started using and learnt of

And as the title suggests ..

it is the brand called Dermedex, my bf sister in law highly recommended this product to me saying that it is very effective for her O,O

so here is my personal and final verdict of it

I bought only the trial set to test it out...

Effects: 3.5/5 when applied there is a cooling effect minty feeling I feel the cleanser make my face feel smoother after use. slightly improvement for my pimples too ^^

Price 1/5 the large size is very costly T.T  I couldn't afford it as I am just a student now only..>.< Sobs...
Packaging:3/5 simple and handy
Scent: 3/5 Chinese herbs scent since it is made of Chinese herbs this is what I heard from my bf sister in law lol... smells not bad..

note**: results varies for each individuals

Will I repurchase it again?
overall I do quite like its effects :)
YES :)) but only the trial set from online...

so that is all for now Ciaos
I will update here soon again CYA<3333!!!

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