Thursday, June 18, 2015

Review on Innisfree Camilla oil hair serum and Thailand Arbutin Whitening soap review

Hi peeps ! Today I will be doing another short review here on

Innisfree Camilla oil  Hair serum product !!!

Camilla oil is very popular for hair product besides Argan oil in Seoul right now!!

Effects:  3.5/5  it does helps to moisturize my hair esp my dry ends :))
Scent: 5/5 love it flower scent, my bf and elder sis love the scent too <333
Price: 4/5 affordable it costs around SGD$15 retail price :) but I can get other Korean brand hair products online for cheaper prices :O
Packaging:4/5 look nice and appealing to me since it is in rose pink in color :) it is made of plastic so I need not worry that it will break if I accidentally drop it.. ^¬^

Will I repurchase it again???

Yes! Overall I do quite like this product :)))

Next is another short review on a product that I have just finished using .

and it is Thailang Arbutin whitening soap which I bought it online to try it out myself :) my twin also bought one to try out herself too!!

it looks like this!

Effects: 2/5 I don't see any visible whitening effects on even after finished using one whole bar of this soap! >.<
Scent: 3/5 no strong scent.. neutral scent??? not very sure I forgot how it smells pardon me >.<
Price: 4/5 affordable I  managed to get it for SGD$5 only...
Packaging: 5/5 it is pink in color one of my fav color and the cartoon printed on its cover look cute to me :)

will I repurchase it again?
Sadly no...

So that is all for now!!


Stay tune for my next post!!

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